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Thanks to a modern painting system , equipped with manual and robotized industrial use cabinets, we can meet the machining needs of Small , average and large quantities.

This allows us to deal with the most varied types of materials:

  • aluminum
  • brass
  • ferrous metals
  • galvanized materials
  • glass
  • resins
  • plastic

Continuous search for creative solutions to painting problems has guaranteed optimum results for all areas where product quality is the key element.

Everyday epoxy paints , polyurethane and acrylics paints are used, and constant collaboration and research is ongoing with our suppliers and collaborators.

We constantly update to the most correct application of these paints to every single product delivered to us.

Our Workings

thanks to the Varnishing Department

March 2016

Nature at your feet

The wedge, inspired by Nature, gives a classic and timeless touch to the wedge clog. Flower representation delivers that sensation of brightness that characterizes the beautiful days of spring

Fashion Wedge

The design of this product, inspired by the charm of the late-fall forest, offers the possibility to combine this wedge with numerous finishes. The particular light of the

Military sole

Item designed for a customer who produces design exercise shoes. The particular texture chosen, allows the combination of this sole with different types of fabric, chosen for both

Christmas dish

A realization inspired by the warm and enveloping atmospheres of Christmas night. A decorative dish that fits perfectly in the center of your table, either in the kitchen

Ask the experts

What are the aspects of the varnishing that you want to deepen?

Varnishing is a mechanical process for applying to a surface of a solid or liquid paint.
Varnishing is a mechanical process for applying to a surface of a solid or liquid paint.
The plastic material will have pre-painted resin coatings that allow the subsequent application of colors of various types.

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