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An innovative technique to give a life to your products

Sublimation printing is an innovative graphics technology that has introduced eco-change in the industry.

This technique allows us to decorate many materials such as:

  • glass
  • ceramic
  • steel
  • brass
  • marble
  • plastic

which have a basic treatment, by painting special special resins for the anchoring of the inks.

Sublime srl produces sublimation machining on customer’s drawing or follows in the development of graphic files, where necessary, tailor-made finishes of the single object.

Once the design or acquisition phase has been completed, the decoration is imprinted with digital printing, using a special dispersed pigment plotter system and imprinted with the previously treated material.

The advantage of this technique is remarkable, in fact, it is possible to print any type of printing object, following accurately the evolution of its surface by wrapping it in fact in the printed graphics.

Our jobs

thanks to the innovative sublimation technique

March 2016

Nature at your feet

The wedge, inspired by Nature, gives a classic and timeless touch to the wedge clog. Flower representation delivers that sensation of brightness that characterizes the beautiful days of spring

Fashion Wedge

The design of this product, inspired by the charm of the late-fall forest, offers the possibility to combine this wedge with numerous finishes. The particular light of the

Military sole

Item designed for a customer who produces design exercise shoes. The particular texture chosen, allows the combination of this sole with different types of fabric, chosen for both

Christmas dish

A realization inspired by the warm and enveloping atmospheres of Christmas night. A decorative dish that fits perfectly in the center of your table, either in the kitchen

Ask the experts

What are the aspects of the sublimation you want to deepen?

Sublimation printing uses equipment at a temperature that can be over 200°C, which, by heating the ink, make it sublimate, that is to pass from the liquid to the gaseous state by leaping the liquid phase. This technology produces continuous-tone prints with no visible or dithering visible to the naked eye.

Sublimation is the technique that allows the direct passage of a substance from solid state to aerial form and vice versa.

Its peculiarity is that it occurs without the intermediate passage of the liquid state.

In the case of sublimation printing by Sublime S.r.l., this technique is used to transfer graphic drawings to objects which can be:


  • Eyeglasses

  • Plates

  • Rubber soles

  • Wooden clogs
Sublimation ink is stored on a special paper support with a sublimation printer or plotter.

Subsequently, by means of specific presses, each processing is heated by contact with the object to be printed, transforming the solid ink into gaseous form, the heat expanding the polymer chain of the surface molecules, forming microscopic openings where the pressure penetrates the gaseous inks on the surface, stamping it.

Subsequently, the surface of the object cools down and encapsulates the colors, ensuring a surprisingly shiny color rendering and a long service life.

The only limit of the machining is the material, which must withstand the temperature of about 170°C.

Sublime privileges processing on curved products.

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