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Galvanic plating

Metal protection for best aesthetics

Sublime S.r.l. protect and decorate metals according to your needs.

The finished finishes range from several colors including:

  • Palladio
  • Yellow Gold
  • Clear Gold
  • Rose Gold
  • Nickel
  • Tin

We also make two-color decorations combining Palladium and Rose Gold, or Yellow Gold with Nickel or Light Tin and others on specific requirements.

Thanks to continuous internal research and continuous collaboration of our suppliers, Sublime s.r.l. Provides high quality standard qualitative standards, Particular care is a great strength.

Sublime S.r.l. He has made decorative decorations on minuterie and has always been the premier in the eyewear industry, where special attention is paid to the precision and manualness of the operators.

Following galvanic treatments we carry out further work such as paint or enamel application with syringe technique.

This allows us to be complete in providing a whole-round product from design to delivery to the customer.

Our achievements

using galvanostic plating technique

April 2017

Gold and Blue Pendants

  Thanks to the Galvanic plating technique we protect the metal of this pendulum that can be applied to necklaces and high-end jewelery earrings. Combining with a particularly brilliant blue color gives the product a

Ask the experts

What are the aspects of the galvanic plating that you want to deepen?

Galvanic is the business department that applies to metals the electroplating technique, that is, a technique that allows to cover a non-precious metal with a thin layer of a precious or noble metal.

Can be treated:

  • Brass
  • Steel

Can not be treated:

  • Aluminum
  • Zama
  • Palladio
  • Yellow Gold 24 kt
  • Rose Gold kt
  • Dark Nickel Tin
  • Light Nickel Tin

Sublime S.r.l. perform processes such as bicolour galvanic plating using various solutions such as:

  • Palladio + Rose Gold
  • Yellow Gold + Nickel
  • Light Tin + Nickel free

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