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The painstaking application of color to your products

Applying enamels and epoxy paints to metals and plastics, integrates the workings that Sublime S.r.l. make to the products.

Enamels are applied according to two distinct technique :

  • Spraying methodwith removal
  • Syringe Precision Method

The spray-drying method is one of the classic methods by which spray paints and varnish are applied by spray gun, the product is subsequently cleaned of excess color by removal by fabrics or special materials.

The application method of enamel with syringe, in which Sublime S.r.l. it is particularly distinguished, it allows the color to be applied with precision even in very special points, where only human manualness can arrive.

In this way we have the ability to closely control the quality of the product by carefully monitoring each piece.

We do more work on the same product to achieve outstanding results such as galvanic treatments followed by enamel and paint application with manual syringe technique.

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Enamels are applied on all surfaces where an incision exists.

Processing is done in:


  • Syringe method

  • Spray method
The surface to be treated is painted and then, with manual procedure, the excess paint is removed.

With this technique, using a special instrument, the surface is colored by a paint deposit along the whole path of the drawing of the same engraving.

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