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Sublime S.r.l.

Sublimation as a solution for your products

Sublime S.r.l. performs decorative treatment of small metal parts and, for the time being, has been working and priming in the eyewear industry, where he is looking for precision machining, provided by the skill and great manualness of the staff.

The company’s consolidated reputation, besides the high quality and professional reliability, is also provided by our well-established partnering with important companies, which, with our collaboration in developing and seeking new solutions, bring us To realize complex and important projects with them.

Our latest achievements

Experience and punctuality are our strengths

April 2017

Sublime world

Wellcome in Sublime S.r.l.! In this news section, you will see our new jobs!

March 2016

Nature at your feet

The wedge, inspired by Nature, gives a classic and timeless touch to the wedge clog. Flower representation delivers that sensation of brightness that characterizes the beautiful days of spring

Fashion Wedge

The design of this product, inspired by the charm of the late-fall forest, offers the possibility to combine this wedge with numerous finishes. The particular light of the

Great care in product development

We invest, design and build high-level graphics projects.

Awareness of the importance of product form and image is our focus.

The image is the aspect we treat with greater care, from your or our ideas can be born great potential projects.

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